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Making your own photo collage

Set your most beautiful pictures on a high-quality canvas or a photo poster - with a creative Pixum photo collage. Choose from a wide range of materials and formats and then design a collage to suit your individual needs - whether it's for the living room wall, the kitchen or your office.

Photo collages with several pictures from the same topic or with the same subject have a particularly good effect: for example, wedding photographs or portraits from the photo studio.

Spoilt for choice: 8 materials and almost 50 formats

Depending on the application that you are looking for, you can choose from various combinations of materials and formats. For example, a gallery print, the highest-quality wall-paper application in the Pixum range, is suitable for a luxurious and unique wedding collage. This is a combination of acrylic glass and aluminum dibond plate, which provides a special depth effect and colour brilliance.

For seasonal, changing collages, for example, try using the best shots from the last few months or photos from the current season. Here, the inexpensive photo poster or adhesive poster is an excellent choice. The format selection allows you to choose from classic 2: 3 sizes as well as the modern square or panoramic piece - starting from a 20 centimeters edge length up to a three metre wide panoramic collage, which makes an imposing impression from just a few metres away.

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Make your very own, personalised Pixum Wall Art with lots of different materials to print on and a huge selection of formats and sizes.

Pixum tip

Top tips from Pixum
  • Give your photocollage a personal character with text fields: refine your images with a suitable quote or a dedication to someone.
  • Your photo collage is displayed in a horizontal format. By clicking on the button "portrait format" in the menu bar, you can change the orientation to the portrait format and back again.

Create your own collages in a snap with the online editor

To create to your first own photo collage, you just need to follow a few steps: First open the online editor on this page and select the desired format and material (further information about the materials can be found here).

Afterwards you have the possibility to select from different pre-configured layouts with up to four photos - for example, with two equal-sized pictures or a large background photo, on which several smaller ones are placed - or create your own. Just click on "Image" and move or enlarge / reduce the placeholder according to your wishes. After uploading, you can easily add photos to the desired frame by simply dragging & dropping them in.

In addition to the static layout templates, you can also select a dynamic layout. The Pixum Online Designer generates an appealing collage using your chosen pictures. You can find out how to do this here.