Pixum Photo Magnets
  • a set of 10 flexible photo magnets in premium quality
  • square or heart-shaped
  • Incl. a beautiful gift box
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At a Glance: Pixum Photo Magnets Sets

A Set of 10 Square Magnets

  • square size: 6 cm × 6 cm
  • material: photo print on magnetic foil
  • incl. a lovely gift box

from 14,99 ¤

A Set of 10 Heart-Shaped Magnets

  • square size: 7 cm × 7 cm
  • material: photo print on magnetic foil
  • incl. a lovely gift box

from 19,99 ¤

Order Single Pieces

Pixum Fridge Magnet

Looking for a single photo magnet? Our Fridge Magnet is just the right choice for you.

  • material: ceramic with coating
  • size: 8.4 × 5.4 cm
  • smile every time you enter your kitchen

from 9,99 ¤

Creative variety in the Pixum Photo World Software

Let your loved one enjoy our personalized photo gifts. The Pixum Photo World Software offers you a wide range of design possibilities. Discover now.

Find the perfect photo gift and great ideas for any occasion

Pixum Gift Guide

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All you wanted to know about personalised Photo Magnets

  • Which types and sizes do I choose from?

    Which types and sizes do I choose from?

    It's a total of three magnets - choose the one that suits perfectly to your photo project!

  • How Strong are the Magnets?

    How Strong are the Magnets?

    Strong enough for your favorite photos and notes! Up to 2 A4 sheets are held securely in place.

    Either a shopping list, a snapshot or a beautiful postcard - arrange everything beautifully with Pixum!

    The photo magnets can be a really versatile DIY tool - for example, design a personalised fridge magnet as a wedding gift or order a set to decorate your fridge planner.

  • How Do I Place an Order?

    How Do I Place an Order?

    You can do this quickly and easily online - directly here in our online designer:

    1. select the magnet type
    2. click on "Design Now"
    3. upload your best snap and edit it if necessary
    4. as soon as you are happy with the design, proceed to the Shopping Cart.
    5. Done! Your set will arrive within the next few days.

Gifts to Make You a Hero

Why Pixum Gifts?

Why creating your photo gifts at Pixum? Well, you get the easiest and most revolutionary design tools (for free!) and we make sure, your photo gifts are of the highest quality possible.

Your favourite picture always at a glance with photo magnets

Design a Pixum Photo Magnet for your fridge or magnetic board to make sure that shopping lists and the like are no longer lost in everyday life.

Learn all the details about our various photo magnets - which options are available, how to design them easily and how to creatively use them after having received the parcel!

Photos, snapshots, favorite pictures - true eye-catcher at home

Photo Magnets are a great idea, to upgrade your interior with small eye-catchers:

  • a colourful eye-catcher for the shopping list on the fridge
  • a creative fix for your notes and post-its
  • regular magnetic board is too plain for you? Decorate it with several Photo Magnets just as you like it!

The perfect gift

  • looking for something nice for the Valentine's Day? Surprise your sweetheart(s) with a heart-shaped Photo Magnet!
  • the grandparents want to have a new photo of their grandson? A fridge magnet can be a helpful tool and is always in the right place!
  • the magnetic stickers add an individual note to each gift and embellish every gift wrapping.

Design your Photo Magnets easily online:

  1. select the matching magnet variation and launch our Online Designer
  2. upload and edit one or more images
  3. design few more magnets for the whole family - they will love them!
  4. happy with the draft? Then add your magnets to the shopping cart and complete the order!

We wish you lots of fun with your little eye-catchers in the kitchen, living room or office. Find other great Photo Gifts here at Pixum - just have a look around our online shop and get inspired!

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