Smartphone Cases with Photo Collages

Why only choose one image? You will never have to choose between your favourite pictures again!

Eye-catching smartphone case with photo collages

With our new feature, you can easily create collages with as many photos as you like. There will be no more difficulties to decide which of your favourite photos will decorate your new Pixum Smartphone Case.
Read our guide how to create a photo collage

Inspirations for your Pixum Smartphone Case with Photo Collages

Highlights from your last outing

All your favourite holiday memories with your family and friends can now be captured on a Pixum smartphone case.

Favourite couple photos

Now you can place more than one special moment on your Pixum smartphone case and it will look lovely and your phone will be perfectly protected with the silicone case.

Pixum - always beautiful pictures

Design your smartphone case with a photo collage online step by step

In the Pixum Online Editor, you will find the essential tools to create a wonderful collage. The creation is very simple and can be done quickly:

  1. Open Pixum Online Editor
  2. Choose your device, model and desired phone case
  3. Upload your images for the photo collage
  4. Click on the "layout" (under the mobile phone cover) and select the desired number of images
  5. Drag your photos onto the Online Editor
  6. Optionally, you can edit the photos
  7. Editing complete? Then add your photo collage to the shopping basket and order directly

Hint: You are able to edit each photo in the photo collage individually. Use the Pixum image editing options and among other things, you can rotate, zoom and crop the images. On top of that, you can adjust the saturation, the colours, the brightness and the contrast.

With the Sepia filter, you change the entire colouring. You can also soften your photos or work with gamma correction. Try out on how your pictures look the best. Also view our Collage Ideas & Gift Inspirations

Pixum tip

Create a customer account in advance! This makes it easier to create and edit your phone case. You can design and save multiple versions. In the end, you decide on the best smartphone case.

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Imagine the possibilities

Explore your creativity by viewing the inspirations and ideas. Our Pixum smartphone cases can be designed according to your wishes with any images.

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Get creative and keep memories

Your favourite pictures on a smartphone case

The special thing about a photo collage is the variety of multiple images provides. On only one cover you will find your favourite images, so that you can sink into them when looking at them. For you, as the creator, this means that you are not spoilt for choice. You don't have to commit yourself to one photo, but can upload several pictures that match each other thematically.

Since the designing of the smartphone case is always unique, you can create a colourful photo mix or limit yourself to one design. You decide for yourself what your perfect photo collage looks like.

Collage Ideas & Gift Inspirations

  • Family photos: You can have all the most important family members printed on the case. The funniest, sweetest or coolest pictures of family and friends fully come to the validity.
  • Splash of colour: You can create a mosaic as a photo collage that is sorted by colour. Either use only photos with one main colour or create colour areas with different motifs.
  • Company Development: If the phone cover is intended to be a work phone, then you can display the company history graphically. Use the different logos you have had so far, your products or the spatial change.
  • Holiday images: As a travel junkie vacation pictures are ideal for a durable smartphone case. You can personalise your phone cover with landmarks or beaches.
As you notice, you can create any topic in the form of a photo collage. Note, however, that the more you select, the smaller the photos become. Therefore, it is advisable to use images that together give a great impression. In addition, you should use photos with a good resolution so that the many small details remain clearly visible.