Pixum Photo Calendar App

Design and order your favourite photo calendar on your smartphone or tablet:

  • Wall calendars
  • Desktop calendars
  • Kitchen calendars
  • and much more!

Pixum Photo Calendar App - create beautiful Pixum Photo Calendars with your smartphone or tablet

The Pixum Photo Calendar App is your new portable solution for creating photo calendars quickly and easily on your smartphone or tablet. Whether as a gift for your grandparents or your partner, to capture your most breathtaking travel photos, or as a family or annual organiser: we offer you the right product for every occasion and every taste with our easy-to-use app. Just use the pictures on your phone. Sounds easy, doesn't it?

With the Pixum Photo Calendar App, you can create a Pixum Photo Calendar, whose beauty and quality will invite every visitor to flip through the pages that, that skillfully stage your selected moments.

The following features can be found in the Pixum Photo Calendar app:

  • We have already prepared and pre-configured our four most popular products for you to simplify and speed up the design process
  • Make use of our large product range, because there is something for every photo enthusiast
  • With our large selection of great layouts and background colours, you can capture your favourite moments for an unforgettable 12 months throughout the year.
  • You can edit your photo calendars at any time - just save the products you started and access them again later.

And this is how it works: Choose your preferred calendar and create it step by step according to your own ideas. Choose the layouts for your calendar sheets to suit your own individual taste and decide how different background colours will enhance your photos. Let's go - Capture your personal moments for each month of the year with the Pixum Photo Calendar App.

The Pixum Photo Calendar app for iOS

Special features:

  • We've already prepared our four most popular products for you to quickly design.
  • Choose your favourite photo calendar from a wide range of high quality photo calendars.

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