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Delivery Times Christmas 2016

To have your orders definitely delivered in time for Christmas we recommend ordering up to the following deadlines. Ordering 1-2 days after these deadlines will probably also still guarantee a delivery in time.

Products/ Product groups Christmas Last Order Date (ordered before 10 pm)*
Pixum Photo Book
Pixum Photo Book XXL, XL, large, small with hardcover - photo paper 11.12.2016
Pixum Photo Book XXL with hardcover - premium paper matt, glossy & extra matt 13.12.2016
Pixum Photo Book XL, large, small, mini with hardcover, softcover & stapled binding - premium paper matt, glossy & extra matt 18.12.2016
Pixum Photo Calendar
All Pixum Photo Calendars on photo paper 11.12.2016
All Pixum Photo Calendars on premium paper (matt) 13.12.2016
All Pixum Photo Calendars on premium paper (glossy) 16.12.2016
Pixum Wall Art
Poster (all) 18.12.2016
Poster (matt) 15.12.2016
Framed Photos 15.12.2016
Canvas Print 18.12.2016
Aluminium Print 18.12.2016
Forex Print 11.12.2016
Acrylic Print 18.12.2016
Gallery Print 11.12.2016
Pine Wood Panel Print 11.12.2016
Pixum Phone Case
Premium Case, Side-flip Case, Hard Case, Silicone Case, Down-flip Case, Tough Case, Sleeve Case 15.12.2016
Photo Gifts
Crystal products, Puzzles/ Jigsaws, Acrylic Glass Photos, Lunchbox, Coasters, Mouse pads 15.12.2016
Photo Cushions 11.12.2016
Photo Stuffed Animals 18.12.2016
All other photo gifts 15.12.2016
Greeting cards/ Christmas cards
All types & sizes 18.12.2016
Photo Prints
Photo Prints (from 20 cm) 11.12.2016
Photo Prints (all sizes) 18.12.2016
Retro Photo Prints, Vintage Photo Prints 11.12.2016
Photo Variations
Photo behind Acrylic Glass, Photo Magnets, Photo Stickers 15.12.2016

Pixum tip

We will do everything in our power to have your Christmas presents produced and delivered to you in time for Christmas, even if you don't make it before our delivery deadlines!

Our recommendation for you:

If you want your Pixum Photo Book to be produced even faster, place your order before 8 o'clock in the evening, so that it can be processed quickly.